Junior Performance Academy

Children are awesome! They tend to absorb new information like a sponge, making them ideal candidates for learning good form and technique. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find practical courses or instruction, which is why we started our Junior Performance Academy.

The sooner you can instill your child with the proper form and fundamentals, the better they can play for longer. Virtually every professional athlete across any sporting league began their athletic journey in grade school, or even younger than that.

When you need a better way to guide your child towards the future they deserve, choose certified trainers at Golfletica. With more than 20 years’ experience in helping younger athletes succeed, as well as established players, we remain your best instructors.

You can depend on our team for better, more practical instruction and lasting results for their form and daily performance. Give your kids the trainers they can rely on today to help get them to the PGA.

Junior Golf Athletics Training

You have tried getting your children to local team sports clubs, only to see them chasing butterflies in left field. You know your athletes remain capable of so much more, but they don’t have the trainers to challenge them.

The reason many leagues, coaches, and even personal instruction sessions fail is because they are meant for adult athletic needs. When you can’t or don’t know how to engage younger learners, there won’t be much improvement during scheduled practices.

We continue leading the way towards better golfing skills for life,  and we understand how to instruct students at any age. When you provide more efficient training from the start, it only allows the student to improve skills year after year.

More & more parents, adults, and instructors realize how effective training their junior athletes is for setting them up for future success. Make sure your child receives the tools they need for a lifetime of better golfing performance and of better athletics in general.

Teenage Golf Instruction

Today, you can find many public and private school institutions that offer golf as some form of their overall curriculum. Whether a group gets to go to the green instead of PE, or there is a dedicated team in place, golf has grown in popularity.

What happens, though, when you become shocked or amazed that your teen proves talented when swinging from the starting tee? While you may know how to throw the perfect spiral with a football, not all parents or coaches know how to golf.

We understand that golf instruction courses continue to prove elusive when you need them for younger athletes or student groups. However, our experienced certified instructors know just what your kid needs to continue developing their level of skills even further.

No matter your teenager’s current degree of understanding or how well they perform, we can help them succeed at athletics. You can start your student off with a better source of training, as well as years of better athletic abilities.

College Student Golf Training

Whether you gave your child the nickname of “junior” or that is their class in college class, we have certified athlete training. Even some professional players will tell you their college years remain their most competitive, no matter which preferred sport.

From trying to look their best in front of a scout, or just trying to bring home the championship, the pressure boils. You don’t want to wait until a do-or-die moment to realize you could have trained better before.

We understand the unique trials and goals of college athletics programs, and we supply the tools they need the most. From individual training needs to dedicated small group instruction, we can help you achieve better success during your golf matches.

You can depend on our trainers when you need to score a scholarship, or to make the team next semester. Contact us today and learn how we will best prepare you for any college athletics goals that you have set.

Small Group Training

Even in a game such as golf, it might benefit you more to train with a small group than alone. Whether the synergy of the crowd pushes you to go the extra distance, or it bonds you together, many people prefer groups.

Our trainers have the professional experience you can depend on for more practical classes and instruction needs for teams. From high school athletics clubs to in-school competitive groups, we can take on more students from any age or grade.

This isn't just some summer camp; your junior gets to train with the same guys who train the pros! When your student takes their golf game seriously, our team recognizes their drive with tasks and exercises that challenge them.

It’s no wonder why more athletes throughout the Bellevue, WA area, and beyond, turn to our team for golf instruction. Give your child, teen, or college golfer the tools they need to remain at their peak level of performance today.

Choose Golfletica

Our instructors remain the trusted name in training for any players’ age or skill level. Choose Golfeltica for youth instruction.