The Golfletica Experience

Even after more than 10 years of training the PGA experts of the present and tomorrow, new golfers continue to experience Golfletica today. They know we provide a broad range of solutions that help improve your game with trusted sports training programs.

Whether you intend to become the next Justin Rose, or you prefer a different game entirely, we always have solutions. Part of what makes us the trusted name in Bellevue, WA athletics, as well as in the USA, is our difference.

Our purpose is taking your current level of skill and helping you become the golfer you know you already are inside. Whichever areas of physical fitness you need to achieve this year, we make your wellness goals our highest priority.

If you have not already had the Golfletica experience like more athletes do every day, then now is the perfect time. Continue reading to learn what makes our process unique, as well as the best in local sport & golf training services today.


Enjoy Golf for Longer

Some athletes want to just excel right now and don't think about their health in the long-term. While many see the sport of golf remains less physically demanding than team sports, injuries can and will happen to you.

By not considering the athletic requirements that golfing needs, leading to twisted wrists, sprained ankles, and torn tissues. While most professional golfers can continue performing well into their later years, many suffer from rotatory cuff injuries and more.

Not only will we help you continue growing in your level of skill, but mitigate more common sources for pain. By choosing us as your preferred source for instruction, athletic training, and recovery, we can help improve your skills.

We believe that enhancing your performance on the green requires more than an expensive set of new clubs. Take your training needs further than ever before and see why more professionals continue to rely on our team now.

The Golfletica Difference

We believe not only to get you prepared for an upcoming tournament or major event, but also on maintenance and daily play. As a result, our athletes find themselves using improved form, achieving improved results in their health and performance.

We believe that both a firm grasp both on your driver, and on the fundamentals of the game, is what matters. That way, you don’t accidentally fall into poor playing habits, which only affect your score and put you at risk.

All it takes to wind up with aches, pains, and other debilitating injuries is one wrong swing of your club. Unless you maintain the perfect level of concentration, you just don’t realize how many muscles remain at work during golf.

Our trainers go the extra distance to not only make sure you’re ready to compete, but to continue growing more. When you take your performance on the green, court, or field seriously, you need a qualified source for instructors today.

Training the Athletes of Tomorrow

Another reason why we continue to act as your trusted name in athletics training is because we offer programs for all ages. We have instruction for younger athletes, college students, adults, and professionals, taking your game a step further than ever before.

We remain confident that we can address any questions and concerns, or help you avoid common pitfalls most amateur players find themselves in. Whether you want to know how you’re preventing more injuries or improving your swing’s accuracy and strength, we offer it all.

No matter your personal fitness goals for the year, our expert trainers know how to achieve them all successfully. Experience Golfletica today for superior results now.